Ekran System Clients

 Ekran System Clients help to monitor security on popular end-points by recording user activities on Linux, Citrix, Windows, and macOS machines.

 The Client captures user screens with mouse moves according to the recording settings and simultaneously logs important metadata such as application names, titles of active windows, keystrokes, etc. The monitored data is sent to the Ekran System Server for storage and analysis, or, if there is no network connection, is stored in the Client protected cache until the connection is restored.

 You may configure the Client depending on how intensive security monitoring should be, up to making screen captures every second or based on each mouse click or key pressure. You may enable the special Protected Mode to ensure the safety of Client work and integrity of monitored data.

 Ekran System enables easy solution deployment providing remote Client installation options.

Ekran System Server

 Ekran System Clients send monitored data to the Ekran System Server, which analyzes the data and stores it in a central database. If the monitored data contains events that correspond to user-defined rules, the Server generates instant alerts. The Server is also responsible for storing the configuration data, sending the update packages to Clients, performing database cleanup, and creating reports and corresponding statistics.

Ekran System Server can optionally work with third-party MS SQL or embedded free Firebird databases, allowing for a flexible choice depending on your security, economical, and processing speed needs.

Web Management Tool

The Management Tool is the primary Ekran System user interface. It allows you to manage Clients, configure security alerts to potential incidents, define and assign permissions to Ekran System users, as well as view and analyze monitored security data received from Clients.

Solution Architecture




Remote Client Installation

When maintaining a complicated IT infrastructure within an enterprise one needs a convenient method to install Clients on a large number of computers.

 Ekran System provides a variety of ways in which to manage remote Client installation on several computers at once:

 Scan your local computer network and add computers for installation from the list.

  • Define a range of IP addresses to perform a quick scan for required computers.
  • Enter the names of computers on which you want to install the Clients.

 You can either define the Client configuration during each installation or create a single configuration file for future installations. This installation file can be downloaded to perform local installations or installation via third-party servers.